IBM Stadium Experience


IBM Stadium Experience



In an age of immersive technology, stadiums must keep up with growing visitor expectations in order to stay relevant. To solve this, my team created the IBM Stadium Experience - a demonstration of how stadiums can turn visitors into loyal customers by using IBM technology. The focus of this project is on connected environments that transform a visitor’s digital experience beyond just their phone. The deliverables include a mobile app, a series of “smart screens” and an employee dashboard to collect visitor data. We also created a promotional video to illustrate the experience for those who couldn’t visit the demo in person.



The root of our experience is the iPhone app. It allows the stadium to track each visitor’s location and provide them with relevant information - such as their seat location when they arrive. Within the demo, visitors receive this contextual content through a feed of alerts, game updates, and promotions. Without leaving their seat, they can explore the stadium through a detailed map that shows every concession stand, merchandise store, restroom and their current wait times.



The stadium also features dynamic “smart screens” that change based on data collected from nearby visitors and events in the game. Our vision was to provide each section of the stadium with it’s own series of smart screens, tailoring the experience for the visitors in that particular area. These screens create an immersive environment that extends beyond the app.


Crowd Control

Contextual way-finding screens guide visitors to different POI’s (points of interest) and help ensure that each section is bringing in enough revenue. These screens give recommendations to help visitors find what they're looking for, without searching the stadium or waiting in long lines. This allows for better crowd control and more sales opportunities for the stadium.



Through gamification services, different actions earn visitors points, badges, and special rewards. Visitors can compete against their section to reach the top of the leaderboard, earning them recognition and exclusive deals. This competitive feature keeps visitors entertained and connected with friends, while also promoting sales.


Personalized Content

Visitors are encouraged to post tweets and photos to social media, so they can get featured on the stadium’s media wall. This promotes social media engagement, as well as free advertising, as visitors tell their networks that they’re at the stadium. As a visitor walks by, the screen will recognize them through Bluetooth connection and highlight their posts on the media wall. This screen also features important weather alerts and promotions, to make sure visitors stay in the loop.



All of this information is collected on a dashboard, so venue operators can track visitor behavior and generate insights to improve their stadium. They can use the dashboard to track information about popular POI’s, sales, gamification activity and overall visitor engagement.


Created at the IBM Cloud Experience Lab